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Australian Shepherds -affectionately called “Aussies” -were developed to herd livestock and work as all-purpose farm and ranch dogs. While many Aussies continue to work as stock dogs, the breed has earned recognition in a variety of other roles because of their high intelligence, trainability, and eagerness to please. Australian Shepherds also work as Search and Rescue Dogs, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Therapy and Hearing Ear Dogs, and Drug Detection Dogs. They have become highly regarded for their skills in the competitive sports of obedience, agility, and fly ball. But, most of all, “they are beloved loyal family companions”.


Aussies come in a variety of sizes: Small~Medium~Large. Despite what some say it has always been that way. Aussies can range from 11” all the way up to 26” height at the shoulders. Weight can vary as well as it depends on how the dog is built. A dog with good bone structure, sprung rib cage and type is going to weigh more than one without regardless of size.


Aussies are “people” dogs and are happiest when it is with its master or family. Aussies bond tightly to their owners/families due to there inherited herding instinct. They are gentle guardians of small children, wonderful playmates of older children, and true companions to the adults in the family. Aussies are typically reserved around strangers and can be quite protective of their family and property. Aussies make excellent watchdogs and have been noted to give their own lives to protect their families. Aussies are a devoted breed but not mean by nature. One look into an Aussies eyes is said to see the gateway to your soul. There is not another breed more loyal or has more heart. Aussies generally get along well with other pets around the home taking them in as part of their herd as well.


Most Aussies are very energetic dogs that require daily exercise to keep them healthy and happy. Running, playing with children or another dog, retrieving a ball or frisbee, swimming, hiking, a trip to the park or participating in other activities are just some of the ways to give your Aussie the exercise it needs. All of us are not blessed with a large farm to live on, but the Aussie is adaptable to suburban or town life. It is your responsibility to keep your Aussie safe. When your Aussie is not supervised, it should be confined to your home or a fenced area. Your dog should never be allowed to run loose or roam as it could be injured or killed


Aussies are a “wash and wear” dog. Mud and dirt easily brush from its coat. Dazzling in all its colors, the Aussies coat sparkles in the sunlight. Their coat is amazingly low maintenance and weather resistant whether herding livestock in a wet meadow, foraging through a creek or taking a dunk in a back yard puddle the Aussies coat dries quickly. Weekly brushing will help eliminate tangles and remove dander and dust. Grooming your dog establishes a healthy rapport between you and your Aussie. Using a large slicker brush (handled brush with metal pins in rubber base) usually takes care of the job. Use a smaller slicker brush on puppies and be gentle, this is a bonding experience and if you are tugging or pushing to hard, the dog will resent the procedure. Biweekly toenail clipping and teeth cleaning should also be a part of your Aussies grooming routine.


Your Aussie puppy require parasite control and a series of vaccinations to prevent life threatening diseases. We recommend that you locate a veterinarian that you feel comfortable with and take your puppy to get inspected. Make sure you take your vaccination record you received from the breeder of your puppy along with you so your veterinarian can look at it. Always keep your shots and worming up to date to give your new family member a long happy life.